This project currently has seven staff members.

Mr Rean: The AdministratorEdit

Mr Rean is the founder of this entire project, he contributes by creating levels, and moderating the forum. He has expirience in New Super Mario Bros. Wii hacking, Mario kart wii hacking, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 hacking, and SMW Hacking.

Goomba Galaxy: The Lead Level DesingerEdit

Goomba Galaxy is the Lead Level Designer of the project. He creates various designs, so far, only one of them is in actually being created. But this does not seem to discourage him. He is a common poster on the forum.

Hademaster64: A Level CreatorEdit

Hademaster64 is one of the Level Creators of the project. He has so far contributed a few levels that are still under construction, ranging from a remake of the first level of Super Mario Bros. 2/USA, to Goomba Galaxy's beach level concept. He is slightly new at New Super Mario Bros. Wii hacking, and is also a common poster on the forum.

natnew :) : A Level CreatorEdit

natnew :) is another Level Creator of the project. He has made a few levels and is the most active of all if the level creators. And he is, you guessed it, another common poster on the forum.

L3mm: A Level CreatorEdit

L3mm is also one of the Level Creators of the project, although he isn't as active as other members. Not much can be said about this member, and there are reasons to believe he has forgotten about the project.

Polari: A Global ModeratorEdit

Polari is one of the forum's moderators, although he gives his two cents on various things regarding the project. He has confessed to not owning New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but despite this, he remains a prominent member. He is, as well, a common poster on the forum.

SSL: A Local ModeratorEdit

SSL is a local moderator of the forum. This member is similar to L3mm, as they both haven't posted in some time. Though, SSL has reason not to post. It seems as of 8/20, starlight had reasons not to post often.